Volume 3 No 2



Editorial of special focus: The impact of new technologies on human rights
by Diego Lopez & Veronica Gomez


The right to development and internet shutdowns: Assessing the role of information and communications technology in democratic development Africa
by Deborah Mburu Nyokabi, Naa Diallo, Nozizwe W Ntesang,Thomas Kagiso White & Tomiwa IIori

Are smart walls smart solutions? The impact of technologically-charged borders on human rights in Europe
by Bronagh Kieran, Fuensanta Amoros Cascales, Laura Thomi & Meredith Veit

Online assemblies between freedom and order: Practices in South-East Europe
by Andrea Jovanović, Edo Kanlić, David Savić, Goran Stanić & Kristina Ćendić

Big Brother in the Middle East and North Africa: The expansion of imported surveillance technologies and their supportive legislation
by Ola El-Ashy, Ilaria Maroni, Hazem Mizyed, Razan Nammar & Mohammed Al-Maskati

The impact of new information and communication technologies on the enjoyment of human rights in Latin America
by Andrea Arriola, Felipe Rivadeneira, Carlos Guzman, Mailen García & Claudio Nash

Dystopia is now: Digital authoritarianism and human rights in Asia
by Mark Anthony V Ambay III, Neha Gauchan, Mahesti Hasanah & Numfon K Jaiwong

Sustaining human rights in the era of new technologies: Case studies of Armenia, Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic
by Aisuluu Abdubachaeva, Kristina Vavrik, Karen Ayvazyan, Mariam Mkrtchyan & Yuriy Nosik

Recent regional developments

Selected developments in human rights and democracy in 2018: Migration and asylum in Europe
by Lorenzo Durante Viola, Cristina Pugnale, Federica Russo,Tamara Siwczyk & Paloma Torres Lopez

Selected developments in human rights and democratisation during 2018: Could it have been worse? Mixed messages for democracy and human rights in the Asia Pacific
by Ravi Prakash Vyas, Mike Hayes, Nanang lndra Kurniawan & Longgina Novadona Bayo

Child protection and EU cooperation between Eastern Partnership countries during 2018, with focus on Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine
by Mariam Muradyan

Recent developments in sub-Saharan Africa during 2018
by Ashwanee Budoo, Adem Abebe, Stephen Buabeng-Baidoo & Henok Ashagrey

Democracy and human rights developments in South East Europe during 2018
by Odeta Berberi