Volume 6 No 1


Keynote “Internal displacement: opportunities and challenges in a world of mobility and vulnerabilities”
Cecilia Jimenez-Damary

Global Classroom: Internal Displacement

The intersection of internal displacement in the context of armed conflict and violence with climate change and disasters
Teddy Atim

An examination of the protection of the rights of internally displaced persons in Europe: From the Kampala Convention and the UN Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement to a European convention
Zoi Aliozi, Stav Dor, Anne Sophie Gscheidlen, Chiara Passuello and Adam Drnovsky

Climate displacement and the relevance of climate justice: A trend analysis of South Africa, Zimbabwe, South Sudan and Liberia
Ademola Oluborode Jegede, Gerald Dan Yeakula, Justin Monyping Ater, Mosupatsila Mothohabonoe Nare and Zanele Christine Fengu

A lack of legal frameworks for internally displaced persons impacted by climate change and natural disasters: Analysis of regulatory challenges in Bangladesh, India and the Pacific Islands
Isaac McNeill, Asma Al Amin, Giwoong Son and Swasti Karmacharya

The socio-economic status of internally displaced people in South East Europe: The cases of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo
Marina Simić, Alisa Berezina, Nataša Ivaneža, Stamatis Psaroudakis and Veronika Vasilić

Emergency response to the war in Ukraine: The role of state and non-state actors in supporting IDPs
Kristine Bdoyan, Yevgen Gerasymenko, Volha Khvasevich, Oleksandr Kyselov and Nuno Oliveira

The enigma of internally displaced persons in Latin America and the Caribbean: An inquiry into natural disasters and climate-change-related displacements in The Bahamas, Honduras, Peru and Brazil
Ezequiel Fernández Bravo, Mayra A. Scaramutti, Anna Laura Feitosa, Gina Bertolone and Dahyana Suarez Lucián

Decades of wars in Iraq and Yemen and the protracted displacement crisis: The impact on women and children
Iasmin Ait Youssef and Kai Wangle