Volume 4 No 1



Special focus: Selected developments in the area of children's rights

Editorial of special focus: Selected developments in the area of children's rights
by Chiara Altafin

Redressing language-based exclusion and punishment in education and the Language Friendly School initiative
by Deena R Hurwitz and Ellen-Rose Kambel

Rohingya children in Bangladesh: Safeguarding their health-related rights in relation to the available healthcare system
by Sudipta Das Gupta, Maliha Samiha Zaman and Korima Begum

Procedural precarity: An examination of Canadian immigration policy and practice in relation to immigrant youth
by Aviva Weizman

Children’s rights to privacy in times of emergency: The case of Serbia in relation to internet education technologies
by Kristina Ćendić

Children’s rights budgeting and social accountability: Children’s views on its purposes, processes and their participation
by Laura Lundy, Karen Orr and Chelsea Marshall

The Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Preliminary case law assessment for the effective promotion and protection of children’s rights
by Cristiana Carletti


Rethinking the façade of decentralisation under the 1996 Constitution of Cameron
by Chofor Che Christian Aime

Recent regional developments

European populism in the European Union: Results and human rights impacts of the 2019 parliamentary elections
by Hugo Balnaves, Eduardo Monteiro Burkle, Jasmine Erkan and David Fischer

Selected developments in human rights and democratisation in sub-Saharan Africa during 2019
by Joshua Nyawa, Chisomo Nyemba, Deborah Nyokabi, Ian Mathenge and Thomas White

A contradictory 2019 in the Arab world: The heralds of a second Arab Spring in times of increased vulnerability and upgraded authoritarianism
by Iasmin Ait Youssef, Rana Alsheikh Ali, Elena Comaro, Elise Diana, Solène Lavigne Delville, Nouha Maaninou, Marta Pannunzio and Charlotte van der Werf

Selected regional developments in human rights and democratisation in the Asia Pacific during 2019: Prospects turned to plights
by Ravi Prakash Vyas, Mike Hayes, Amalinda Savirani & Pranjali Kanel