01. Global Campus Policy Briefs

The Global Campus Policy Briefs are one of the outputs of the Policy Observatory Project, which aims to enhance the role of the Global Campus and its regional members in undertaking coordinated research initiatives and providing guidance and expert opinions in response to urgent human rights issues to a broad primary and secondary audience. It foresees the creation of a virtual hub, which will include participation of researchers from each of the seven regions for the production of a set of complementary policy analyses on assigned topics.

2022 Edition: Business and Human Rights at 10: What Next for the Future?

Living with Fear and Fragility in Times of Pandemic: Contested Lives of Migrant Workers and Challenges of National and Regional Business and Human Rights Frameworks for Labour Migration in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
by Saittawut Yutthaworakool

Anti-Corruption to Fight Human Trafficking Labour Exploitation in the Spanish Agricultural Sector
by Clàudia Serrano Puig

Economic Growth in Developing Countries and its Impact on Human Rights of Indigenous Communities
by Natalia Gagliardone

Child Labour among Refugee Youth in Lebanon: A Way Forward
by Jasmin Lilian Diab

A Step Closer or a Step Further from Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Hydropower Plants in Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Imane Bellaadem

Balancing Between Human Rights and Business Development: What is the Situation with Labour Rights in Ukraine and What are the Chances to Change It?
by Irina Bakhcheva

2021 Edition: The Connection between the Environment and Human Rights with a Primary Focus on the Rights of Future Generations and Youth Participation

Climate Justice and Human Rights, in a World in Climate Emergency
by Zoi Aliozi

Environment and Human Rights in Curriculum: Towards a Strong and Uniform Education Policy in South Asia
by Visalaakshi Annamalai

‘Burned by the Sun, Drowned by the Rain’: Enhancing Children’s Legal Protection Against Climate Change
by Elise Daniaud

Climate Change and the Future Generation under the African Human Rights System: Fostering Pathways and Partnerships
by Ademola Oluborode Jegede

Planet over Profit? A Reality Check of Europe’s Aspirational Climate Policies
by Tomáš Jungwirth

Ecosystem Restoration as a Successful Way for Fighting Global Climate Changes
by Marina Rakopyan

Youth Activism and Climate Change in Latin America: Indigenous and Peasant Youth in Defence of their Human Rights and Territories
by Juan Wahren

2020 Edition: Technology and Human Rights

The Use of Facial Recognition Technology in EU Law Enforcement: Fundamental Rights Implications
by Desara Dushi

Facial Recognition in Latin America: Towards a Human Rights-Based Legal Framework to Protect Public Spaces from Mass Surveillance
by Eduardo Ferreyra

The Impact of Ground and Aerial Security Robots on Human Rights in Africa
by Sabelo Gumedze

State of Pandemonium: Digital Rights in the Western Balkans and COVID-19
by Danilo Krivokapić, Bojan Perkov, Marko Davor

Your Face Rings a Bell: How Facial Recognition Poses a Threat for Human Rights
by Diego Naranjo

The Cyber Occupation of Palestine; Suppressing Digital Activism and Shrinking the Virtual Sphere
by Suhail Taha

Traffic Surveillance and Human Rights: How Can States Overcome the Negative Impact of Surveillance Technologies on the Individual Right to Respect for Privacy and Personal Data Protection?
by Mane Torosyan

Strategic Roadmap for Nepal: Integrating United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights into Domestic Law
by Ravi Prakash Vyas

2019 Edition

Characterising Migrations in Latin America: Analysis and Media Coverage Proposals of the Argentine Case
by Ezequiel Fernández Bravo

Learning from Women’s Movements to Develop Intersectional Policy-Making and Inclusive Policies: the Belgian Women’s Strike
by Moana Genevey

Women Human Rights Defenders in a New Social and Political Reality of Armenia: Active in the Margins, Unprotected in the Core
by Siran Hovhannisyan and Gohar Shahnazaryan

Sri Lanka’s Urban-Centred Development Trajectory: Implications for Rights-Based Development Policy
by Rasika Mendis

Food Security in Yemen: How to Secure Food Conditions of Pregnant and Lactating Women
by Francisco Astudillo Poggi

Promoting Access to Justice in Africa: Key Points for Advocacy on the Southern African Development Community Tribunal
by Aquinaldo Célio Mandlate

Conquering the Right to Assembly of LGBTI People in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Towards the First Pride Parade
by Masha Durkalić

2018 Pilot Edition

How to Provide Sustainable Funding for Civil Society and Community Media : the Case of Serbia and Western Balkan Countries
by Marko Davor

Migration Policies and Human Rights in Latin America. Progressive Practices, Old Challenges, Worrying Setbacks and New Threats
by Pablo Ceriani Cernadas

Fostering Independent Journalism and Press Freedom to Protect against Information-Related Dangers of the Digital Age
by Wiebke Lamer

Human Rights Violation and (non)Prospect for Democracy in Thailand
by Bencharat Sae Chua

Youth Unemployment in the Arab World
by Mustafa K. Al-Sayyid

Diffusing Tension, Building Trust: Proposals on Guiding Principles Applicable during Consideration of the Activity Reports of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights
by Japhet Biegon