Are we protecting future generations’ right to food? : a study of intergenerational obligations

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de Man, Annelie
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Currently, enough food is produced across the world to keep up with demand. However, the production of food is dependent on the availability of certain natural resources. The aim of the thesis is to establish whether we are potentially violating the right of future generations to adequate food. There are, at present, various human practices which have destroyed the quality and availability of these resources. The thesis will examine the principle of intergenerational equity as well as the right to adequate food in order to identify any obligations on the present generation to protect the interest of future generations. It will be demonstrated that we owe an obligation towards future generations to use environmental resources in a sustainable manner. This will be followed by an examination of various unsustainable human practices that have led to the depletion and degradation of the resources which are essential for food production. It will be demonstrated that as a result of these practices we have violated our duties towards future generations thereby putting future food security at risk. The thesis will conclude with a discussion on optimising food energy efficiency and the role that science and technology and small-scale agriculture can play in fulfilling our duties towards future generations.
Second semester University: Queen's University, Belfast.
equity, natural resources, right to food