The enigma of internally displaced persons in Latin America and the Caribbean: An inquiry into natural disasters and climate-change-related displacements in The Bahamas, Honduras, Peru and Brazil

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Fernández Bravo, Ezequiel
Scaramutti, Mayra A.
Feitosa, Mayra A.
Bertolone, Gina
Suarez Lucián, Dahyana
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Global Campus Human Rights
This article seeks to approach internal displacement induced by climate-change-related disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) through four local analyses. The general objective of the work is to cover how the four selected countries Honduras, The Bahamas, Peru and Brazil deal with this type of internal displacement legally and pragmatically, in order to understand whether or not it is a significant issue to local governments. Specifically, the article aims to expose how different groups of people experience internal displacement in each of the settings, and to show whether public policies consider those individualisations. Finally, this is qualitative research developed as a bibliographic study through descriptive and documental techniques.
climatic changes, Caribbean area, natural disaster, internally displaced persons, The Bahamas, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Latin America
Ezequiel Fernández Bravo, Mayra A. Scaramutti, Anna Laura Feitosa, Gina Bertolone and Dahyana Suarez Lucián. “The Latin-American and Caribbean Internally Displaced Persons Enigma: An inquiry of natural disasters and climate change related displacements in The Bahamas, Honduras, Peru and Brazil.” (2022) 6 Global Campus Human Rights Journal