Global Study Toolkit. Ending Deprivation of Liberty of Children: a Review of Promising Practices. MIGRATION

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Klein Díaz, Elisa
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Global Campus of Human Rights
This toolkit is a series of publications, all of which build on the findings and recommendations of the UN Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, an extensive study that analyses different areas in which children are deprived of their liberty. This tool provides illustrations of States’ practices across the world correlating with the recommendations of the Global Study in the field of migration, which aim to end deprivation of liberty for migration-related reasons and safeguard the human rights of children. An interactive version containing promising practices on all the Global Study areas can be found under If you want to share further examples of cases and/or other materials, please get in contact with us through our email address globalstudy@
children, children's rights, deprivation of liberty, migrations