Emergency response to the war in Ukraine: The role of state and non-state actors in supporting IDPs

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Bdoyan, Kristine
Gerasymenko, Yevgen
Khvasevich, Volha
Kyselov, Oleksandr
Oliveira, Nuno
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Global Campus Human Rights
War has broken out in Europe once again, threatening the peace of nations and their people. The Russian Federation, on 24 February 2022, invaded the territory of Ukraine, starting a full-scale armed conflict that triggered serious repercussions for the civilian population. This study aims to investigate the emergency response to the initial wave of internal displacement through analysis of what humanitarian aid was supplied by state and non-state entities according to the obligations accepted and the situation on the ground. The data was collected by scrutinising reports, articles, regulatory acts and other relevant publications. Interviews with experts and internally displaced persons were conducted to generate insights and validate findings. The investigation highlights the insufficiency and lack of capacity of the Ukrainian state response in providing essential assistance to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and reveals the obstacles to people’s movement as they searched for security. Civil society, in its turn, maintained an essential role in the humanitarian response, providing their possible assistance and solutions wherever the state failed. The lack of coordination of the existing means and the lack of empowerment of civil society organisations did not facilitate the necessary emergency, as the most needy were even more vulnerable under conditions where lines of communication were scarce. Tentative recommendations on strengthening the response capacities include adoption of the binding international covenant, detailing emergency provisions in the domestic law, granting power to a focal point for IDP protection, and facilitating administrative arrangements that empower the population and the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) alike.
internally displaced persons, Ukraine, war, armed conflict, humanitarian assistance, responsibility to protect, emergency
Kristine Bdoyan, Yevgen Gerasymenko, Volha Khvasevich, Oleksandr Kyselov and Nuno Oliveira. “Emergency response to the war in Ukraine: The role of state and non-state actors in supporting IDPs.” (2022) 6 Global Campus Human Rights Journal http://doi.org/10.25330/2502