Ecosystem Restoration as a Successful Way for Fighting Global Climate Changes

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Rakopyan, Marina
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Global Campus of Human Rights
The world’s ecosystem has been affected throughout the ages by human development which has led to climate change throughout the whole globe. Global warming is causing not only warmer water temperatures but it is also raising the level of the seas and the consequences of this can affect food security, health, access to water and personal security. It can affect all human beings especially the vulnerable ones. People living in third world countries will be the most affected. Climate change affects our right to life, right to adequate food, right to water, right to health, right to adequate housing and right to self-determination. We, humans, depend on the ecosystem since it provides us with basic needs starting from food and water to disease control and cultural benefits. It needs to be protected and if possible to be restored (Society for Ecological Restoration International 2007) with the help of ecosystem restoration, which is one of the few ways to fight the global climate change phenomenon. The aim of the paper is to show that ecosystem restoration is one of the most successful ways to fight global climate change.
climatic changes, restoration ecology
Rakopyan, M. (2021). Ecosystem Restoration as a Successful Way for Fighting Global Climate Changes. Global Campus of Human Rights.