Global Campus of Human Rights. Annual Report 2022

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Global Campus of Human Rights
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Global Campus of Human Rights
Our Annual Report 2022 celebrates not only the achievements of the seven regional Global Campus Master’s programmes in human rights around the world but also the many other activities (research, professional training, advocacy, emergency support, awareness raising, …) we have developed at our HQ in Venice, in one of ‘our regions’ - Africa, Arab World, Asia-Pacific, Caucasus, Europe, Latin America-Caribbean, South East Europe - or virtually. The Report tells the story of how we organised a conference on mental health designed and led by children and adolescents; confronted human rights scepticism with a new podcast series; launched a training programme for young people to fight mis- and disinformation; supported Afghan human rights defenders; assisted Ukrainian and Myanmarese academics and students; empowered visual media professionals; trained human rights defenders, professionals and civil servants; offered niche MOOCs; and celebrated our incredible Alumni, one of which was murdered because of his activism. All these activities have served the purpose of making our human rights education not only top-notch but also transformational.
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mental health, human rights education, children, participation, young people, disinformation, human rights defenders, activists, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Myanmar, art