When the ‘Terrorists’ Speak the Language of Humanity. Counter-Memory of 15th July Coup d’État

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Vodopija, Helena
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Global Campus of Human Rights
The aim of this work was to understand how the antagonism that constitutes the core of official memory of the 15 July coup d’état influenced the lives of those designated as the enemy of the nation – the families of cadets and trainee officers who were sentenced to life in prison for the alleged involvement in the coup; to portray the change in their identity – from believers who identify with nationalist discourse to human rights activists – and depict their creation of counter-hegemonic movement inspired by the counter-memory of the coup. The research showed how they regain their political subjectivity through re-politicising the normalised subject positions of the nationalist discourse, challenging the embedded antagonism between the nation and its other, and countering the selective vision of justice by their actions that reflect the belief in universal humanity. 15 July coup, counter-memory, identity, cadets and trainee officers
Second semester University: Université du Luxembourg.
nationalism, terrorism, memory, coup d'etat, Turkey, human rights, media, public opinion, activists, political aspects