The cultural shock faced by Syrian refugees in Germany

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El Hout, Shahnaz
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In a world full of violence and conflicts, worldwide figures provided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees show that there are 68.5 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, 25.4 million of which are refugees. Germany is one of the largest recipients of Syrian refugees since the Syrian crisis. The influx of refugees into Germany has led to the rise of populist political parties and a backlash against refugees within host communities. This study examines the effect of cultural shock on refugees, and attempts to find a correlation between culture shock and violent trends in behavior by refugees. A sample of 10 male participants between the ages of 18-35, Syrian of origin in the cities of Hamburg and Berlin were randomly selected to answer a semi-formal questionnaire in order to determine the extent to which there is a correlation between the two variables of culture shock and violent behavior, the independent variable being that the participants were subjected to displacement and have resided in Germany between 2015-2017.
Second semester University: University of Hamburg
refugees, Syria, Germany, discrimination, populism