The diminishing respect for human rights as an early warning sign in the framework of conflict prevention : case study: Darfur

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Verlinden, Sofie
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Conflict can have many causes, all of which should be considered in the framework of conflict prevention. Here attention will be given on the importance of integrating human rights studies in the field of conflict prevention. In order to show this, we ask ourselves the question how diminishing respect for human rights can serve as a sign of Early Warning in the framework of conflict prevention. To answer this question, the main focus is on two sub questions: how do human rights cause conflict and what is the link between causes of conflict and Early Warning signs. It will appear that, following the Human Needs Theory, human rights violations indeed can be a basis of conflict. Human rights violations, and among them practices of discrimination, on the basis of ethnic differences are often crucial in this aspect. With regard to the second question, the conclusion will be that Early Warning systems are based on causes of conflict. Thus human rights violations as a basis of conflict can indeed serve as Early Warning signs for that conflict. As a way of making things less abstract, we will focus on the conflict in Darfur to show the relevance of the theoretical framework.
Second semester University: Maastricht University
conflict prevention, Darfur, human rights monitoring