Education as an intervention strategy to empower children

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Oliveira, Diogo Morais : de
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This thesis aims to contextualize children‟s human rights in the context of the human rights project. Our inspiring principle is the conviction that to pursue an effective implementation of human rights we need to start with the rights of the child. That is, first we need to know what rights children have to understand how they are discriminated and excluded. With this insight we will be able to foster the notions of respect implied by the inherent human dignity of every one. The perception of respect for the other is dependent on our self-respect. To develop our self-awareness to the inherent dignity of us ethical and moral values must be cultivated. For this purpose, education is better placed. How to do it will depend on different implementation strategies. Since we believe the most power tool that human reason gave to us is critical though, we will present different perspectives.
Second semester University: Utrecht University
children rights, education, human rights education