Domestic violence: silent global abuse and insufficient state action : case study of Ireland

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McConalogue, Maria
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“Gender-based violence against women is a widespread, grave and systematic human rights abuse that has remained significantly unaddressed by governments across the world”. Domestic violence is the most pervasive, insidious form of gender-based violence and it is still an ugly secret. Discrimination and structural inequality between women and men are the root causes. The State plays an important role in the struggle to combat domestic violence. Every State has an international obligation to respect, protect and fulfil women’s rights to be free from domestic violence. Insufficient State action is contributing to the universal phenomenon. This paper will provide an insight into the development of women’s rights in the international legal framework. There will be an analysis of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and the Committee which monitors State compliance to this treaty. The numerous forms of gender-based violence will be unveiled with a focus on domestic violence. Ireland will be included as an example of insufficient State action regarding its international obligations to tackle domestic violence. Finally, recommendations will be made to effectively combat domestic violence and assist the victims.
Second semester University: Maastricht University.
family violence, Ireland, violence against women, Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women