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Global Campus of Human Rights
This is the fifth issue of the Global Campus Human Rights Journal. It consists of two parts. The first part provides a special focus on ‘technology and human rights’, an area of growing interest and concern. In seven articles devoted to this topic, authors from across the globe investigate this issue. These seven articles are based on papers that were presented at an event of the Global Campus of Human Rights at which students, lecturers and other scholars interrogated the topic ‘The impact of new technologies on human rights’. The Global Campus of Human Rights consists of the Global Campus Europe, South East Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, Caucasus, Latin America and the Arab World, with the participation of post-graduate students from their respective Master’s programmes in Human Rights and Democracy. The second part of this issue of the Journal contains a discussion of ‘recent developments’ in the fields of human rights and democratisation in five of the regions covered by the Global Campus of Human Rights. In this issue, developments during 2018 in five regions are covered: Europe, the Asia Pacific, the countries making up the Eastern Partnership, sub-Saharan Africa and South East Europe.
Editorial (2019) 3 Global Campus Human Rights Journal vii-viii http://dx.doi.org/10.25330/1341

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