Genering the Tunisian transition : the rights of women in the context of the transitional justice system in Tunisia

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Haeverans, Marie
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This dissertation attempts to analyse the gender inclusiveness of the transitional justice process in Tunisia, more specifically the participation and influence of women in the Tunisian transitional justice mechanisms, to examine whether there is a case of underinclusion of women. It aims to take in a gendered approach to transitional justice, which is the “determination, acknowledgement and addressing of unequal gender perspectives”.Even though Tunisia is known for having the most advanced women’s rights in the region, our historical analysis concluded that both former Tunisian presidents have instrumentalised the feminist theme in order to obtain other goals, leading to a top down state-feminism unable to tackle the underlying patriarchal structures. We concluded that even though there was a high involvement of women during the 2010-2011 revolution, there is in general an underinclusion of women in the transitional justice system and women representation is currently just not an issue that is high on the agenda. For now, hope lies with the work of the IVD and its handling of the received claims and statements, which will hopefully lead to a strong report with specific attention to the violations to women and binding recommendations to the government. This in combination with a cooperative state can ensure change, non-repetition and rehabilitation.
Second semester University: University of Deusto, Bilbao.
political participation, women, Tunisia, transitional justice