“Loose cannon” : a child protection emergency : sexual violence towards children on the move. A comparative study of Hungary, Italy, and Germany.

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Blohm, Marie Stella
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We know that there is sexual violence towards Children on the Move. We know that this violence already affects children in their country of origin. We know that children are exposed to special dangers on their journey, and we know that children continue to experience these acts at their destination. But we do not know how many children are survivors and we can only assume what is happening. This thesis is a comparative study of the countries Hungary, Italy and Germany and deals with the topic of sexual violence towards children on the move. The work is based on eight interviews with experts from the three countries and other sources. The aim is to illustrate how the individual countries intercept children who have experienced sexual violence on their way to Europe and where they expose these children to even more danger. The individual phenomena and locations are discussed, and the reader is given a comprehensive view of what the children must experience on their way to Europe. The aim is to create awareness that action must be taken, otherwise we will not only abandon the children who come to us, but also create a danger for the next generation.
Second semester University: University of Padua
sexual abuse, violence against children, Hungary, Italy, Germany, migrations, children, refugees, unaccompained migrant children, trafficking in young people, smuggling