The right to food in conflict situations : the fight against hunger from a legal and practical perspective

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Galeazzi, Flavia
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Ensuring that a population under the threat of violence and conflict has an adequate supply of food is an historical problem that still persists today. The number of undernourished people has actually increased in the last years. Achieving food security is still a distant goal, especially in conflict situations. Therefore, it is important to investigate the current protections of the right to food, exposing their weaknesses with the aim to find new solutions to old problems. This research aims to explore the current legal protection of the right to food and the different types of food aid available. Firstly, this study examines the international law protecting the right to food, both in international and non-international armed conflicts, under international humanitarian law and human rights law. Secondly, it focuses on the interaction between the two bodies of law with the intent of ascertaining the best possible protection of the right to food in war time. Lastly, this dissertation gives a practical overview of humanitarian assistance, looking at the in-kind aid and cash and vouchers assistance and the specific needs that the different methods are able to meet.
Second semester University: Ruhr-University Bochum
right to food, armed conflict, international humanitarian law, humanitarian assistance