Delivery under pressure: the impact of Europeanization on the protection of Roma minority in Croatia

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Villenueve, Marion
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Last member of the EU, Croatia experimented important changes regarding it’s legislation on the protection of Roma minority. This thesis aims to find an answer to the following question: What is the impact of the EU, if any, on the protection of Roma minority in Croatia? Did Europeanization affected effetely at the national level the protection of Roma minority? To answer to this question, the legislation and frameworks on the national and international level are going to be investigated to reveal the role played by the EU in the process. In this context, this study develops a practical perspective on Croatia’s treatment of the Roma minority as a case study. The overall conclusion of this study is that the EU accession has been transformative in many way in the area of minority rights and in the area of non-discrimination, however the Europeanization of minority rights in Croatia has remained fragmented, restricted and limited. Keywords: Roma minority in Croatia, minority rights, Europeanization of minority rights, Croatia.
Second semester University: University of Zagreb
European Union, influence, Croatia, minority rights, Romanies