The right to education in the Caucasus in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Ghazinyan, Sergey
Corzanego Khatounian, Ana Teresa
Tatoueva, Christina
Wojsyk, Jakub
Gogueva, Zemfira
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Global Campus Human Rights
This paper is intended to initiate an international discussion on the implementation of the right to education during the global healthcare crisis. For that purpose, it analyses the experiences of Armenia, Russia, Georgia and Belarus in the light of measures taken by the authorities to respond to the new challenges, and examines the concrete situation faced by children and teachers in the region. It aims to identify the most common and visible problems that occurred in the Caucasus region during the Covid-19 pandemic, based on available data from particular countries. For comprehensive analysis of the issue, the present paper discusses the right to education as defined in international law, and looks at the main challenges inherent in the four pillars of the right to education as framed by UNESCO: accessibility, availability, acceptability and adaptability of education. As sources of information, it considers the observations of relevant domestic and international stakeholders, including the National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI), Human Rights Watch (HRW), UNESCO and UNICEF, as well as various academic sources. In each case, the response to issues generated by the COVID-19 pandemic is analysed in the context of other social factors. The article concludes that, while some examples of response could be seen in the countries under discussion, the lack of structured, informed, and timely responses made it difficult for children to fully enjoy their right to education. The paper provides recommendations targeted to the issues revealed, with the aim of improving state systems of response to the global healthcare crisis within the framework of implementing the right to education.
right to education, COVID-19 pandemic, South Caucasus, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Georgia
Sergey Ghazinyan, Ana Teresa Corzanego Khatounian, Christina Tatoueva, Jakub Wojsyk and Zemfira Gogueva. “The right to education in the Caucasus in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.” (2021) 5 Global Campus Human Rights Journal 9-34