Islamist violence vs. counter-terrorism policies: a reciprocity of human rights violations : an emphasis on media as an agent (Case of Charlie Hebdo)

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Awada-Badawi, Zahraa
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Muslims’ lives have changed drastically since the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. A US-led war on terror was waged to fight terrorism that threatens the peace and security of the world. Undoubtedly, this has left its mark on the lives of Muslims and Arabs. Countries taking part in the war on terror and developing counter-terrorism policies have indulged so much in that that their measures fail to equate between security and human rights. This study seeks to explore how human rights like the freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and freedom from fear of the Muslim population have been put at stake in favour of freedom of expression and potential security threats. It also sheds light on the significant role of media as an agent in the phenomenon of terrorism through comparison of news coverage of ‘terrorist events’, showing how this coverage can be Islamophobic and misleading for the audience for the sake of serving political and economic interests, or how it can be in favour of the Muslim population whose image is being distorted and choose to highlight the struggles Muslims go through as part of this worldly campaign against terrorism.
Second semester University: University of Hamburg.
human rights violations, Islam, media, terrorism, violence