New minorities, solidarity and European democracy : human rights and education in the European regions: the renaissance of Europe

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Pavanato, Alberto
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The present thesis that the quality of European democracy may be meansured on local political authorities commiment to human rights. Therefore, European solidarity based on sharing of economic resources shall not only be directed to enhance "new comers" and citizens knowledge on human rights and international standars, but also nuturing a favorable enviroment for the formation of European leaders committed at filling the political distance perceived by European between the EU and their cities. In addtion, this thesi inderstans human rights as intelligible principles with universal, relative, pratical theoretical, apolitical and neutral charateristicsof inclusiveness, which encompass both he newcomer with the citize. Education to human rights shall be included, therefore, in the political language with the aim to form the protagonists of EU 2020 goals.
Second semester University Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.
democracy, European Union, human rights, human rights education, European Union countries, minority groups