The human rights obligations of the EU for the negative external consequences of the common agricultural policy : with especial reference to the EU soy policy

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Zarauz, Casilda
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Soy has acquired an unquestionable importance in the globalized food system. The production of soy has become the main characteristic of agricultural production in South America. Its importance has changed the agricultural model, itself leading to negative consequences in the livelihoods of small scale farmers. However, the European Union soy policy seems to contribute to this agricultural model. The EU is a major actor in the global soy business being one of the main importers of soy in the world. After the last Common Agricultural Policy reform the EU has not taken any particular measure to improve the legislation that contributes to this soy agricultural model. The thesis which follows, therefore attempts to analyze which human rights obligations should have an impact in the EU´s soy policy. The impact of these obligations in the EU´s soy policy should be a useful tool to push the EU towards a policy that can contribute towards a more sustainable agricultural model of soy.
Second semester University: Åbo Akademi University.
agriculture, European Union countries, economic policy, international obligations, sustainable development