Benefits of sectarianism : Egypt's regime and the marginalisation of coptic christians

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Spennati, Lavinia
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Since the rise of the military elite to the highest ranks of power, Egyptian Copts have seen their role progressively diminished in society and in the principal decision-making processes. The marginalisation of the Coptic community was influenced in particular by the collective shift to the centrality accorded to religious belonging. The division of society on sectarian lines has been strategically manipulated by the Egyptian regimes, which made use of the weak position of the religious minority in its relations with other key actors. The thesis analyses the socio-political processes that determined the marginalisation of Coptic citizens from the public sphere. In particular, the analysis investigates the mechanisms put in place by the Egyptian regime to consolidate its status quo and the consequences its policies had on the integration of the Coptic minority within the Egyptian system.
Second semester University: University College, Dublin.
integration, Copts, religious minorities, political aspects, social aspects, Egypt