The Arab uprising and the role of information and communication technologies

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Charafeddine, Ali
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Democracy and freedom of people has always been at the centre of attention of international community as well as an integral part of Human Rights. In this context, Arab revolts in the year of 2011 were a central event. The protests were mainly coordinated and circulated through social media and other communication technologies; this led some observers to call it the “social media revolt”. Indeed, in the era of globalisation, the role of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is growing, and its importance and influence in social movement organisation is more obvious. The revolts in Egypt and Tunisia provide a very interesting area for discussions and research. This study addresses the role of the ICT in the Arab uprisings by identifying the levels of its influence in the course of events.
Second semester University: University of Ljubljana.
comunication technology, Arab countries, democracy, information technology