Discrimination in a multicultural primary classroom : a comparative study of the education system of Greece and Portugal

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Chorozoglou, Asimenia
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This paper will give an overview to the EU Education Strategies for the integration of immigrant children. The research begins with the definition of migration and the various reasons of these movements. On second chapter it is introduced the concept of “multicultural” theories aiming to the integration of the various ethnicities in Europe. The concept of multiculturalism is approached under the ideas of “liberal” and “republican”. Further, it is introduced the multiculturalism in education field and the stages that multicultural teaching follows to achieve the successful integration of foreigners students in the classroom. In the third chapter in respect to cultural diversities focuses on the International and European law towards to the right on education in equality and quality in respect to the cultural, linguistic and religious freedom of immigrants students without any discrimination or distinction. In the fourth chapter, it is analysed the primary education system of Greece and Portugal and compared the variations of the both education systems. In the last chapter, both education systems are compared according to the indicators of Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Assessment that influenced the successful performance of students and the Reports from Greece and Portugal, EU and UNICEF. The outcome of this research is the necessity of schools‟ reforms according to the multicultural values aiming to achieve education in equality and quality for all students‟ immigrants and non-immigrants who will be the future active citizens of EU.
Second semester University: New University of Lisbon
discrimination in education, Greece, Portugal