Social work and human rights : a new paradigm for international social work under the conditions of globalisation

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Miettinen, Tarja
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In recent years there has been a strong moving towards rights-based theory and practice in international social work. These professional developments are closely linked to globalisation processes and the changing role of the nation state which have inspired debates about global and local aspects of human rights. The object of this study is to look at the link between human rights and international social work in relation to current globalisation discourse. This will help international social workers to better understand the meaning of global and local aspects of human rights in relation to social work action. This study is a literature review about rights-based social work theory and its relation to globalised human rights discourse. The research method is narrative literature review, in other words a general overview on the topic. The analysis is constructed in the course of theoretical considerations. According to this study it is highly important that social workers have sound understanding of the local as well as global effects of their action. While international networking is increasing within the profession, a human rights perspective has become more significant for social workers. There is a call for integrating human rights in social work education as a fundamental part of the teaching. While taking part in the global human rights discourse it is important that social workers embrace a multidimensional approach to human rights with the recognition of political dimensions of the human rights movement.
Second semester University: Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest.
globalisation, human rights, social work