Demystifying albinism: an analysis of legal, social, and cultural practices in the Lake Victoria region

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Caviglia, Giorgio
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Albinism, in the Lake Victoria region, presents an interesting case of combined medical and sociological concerns in a particularly degraded environment with profound human rights implications. This research aims to review and synthesize the situation through the collection of data and by addressing the phenomena considering the conceptual framework from both a medical and sociological point of view. It will continue by considering which legal framework is the most feasible in the protection of people with albinism’s rights. I will center around four countries, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, focusing on the relationship between disabilities and witchcraft related to albinism. An examination of successful practices within the countries and an analysis of developing albino societies in the region will bring me to analyze the conceptual paradigms on disability and refer to them for the classification of attitudes towards albinism.
Second semester University: University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen
albinism, Africa, Lake Victoria region