The internal development and external factor : consideration for the development of democracy in a Western Balkan country as Albania

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Balla, Blerina
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The literature over democracy has shift more and more towards studying the type of democracy developed in the post-communist countries. Some of these countries like the Western Balkan ones still have not a full fledge democratic system. Nevertheless, in the recent years, many scholars and different reports remark on their democratic development. Hereby, this paper selects the case of Albania and it tries to assess the development of democracy in this country by looking at the internal development and the external factors influencing this process. Therefore, this paper will be composed by two main parts: internal development and the external factor analysis. In the first part will illustrate the vulnerability of the democratic system by examining the dimensions of democracy and second part will show the ways how the external factor influence democracy by representing both the positive and negative aspect. At the end of this paper will conclude that despite the progress of democracy in Albania,the process show many persistent problems both in relation with the internal development and external factors. According to these persistent problems it could conclude that Albania’s democracy has recorded little progress in the last 10 years.
Second semester University: University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen.
democracy, Albania, democratisation