Integrating Integration? Policy analysis of multi-level governance approaches to integration

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Schlotzhauer, Jan Hagen
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This research analyses the effect of the current competences of the EU regarding the integration of refugees on the effectiveness of European integration policies in a multi-level governance framework. Through a positivist analysis of article 79(4) TFEU the competences of the EU are established. A comparative historical public policy analysis, using the multi-level governance approach, enables the author to formulate three normative priorities a central authority should follow for an effective integration policy. In this research the integration policies of Germany and the Netherlands are compared. The main priorities that were identified are [1] localisation, [2] coordination and [3] mainstreaming. Finally, through the analysis of the application of these priorities in the EU integration policy the effectiveness of that policy could be established. The lack of coordination was the main lacuna found in the current approach to formulate an EU integration policy. The author formulates a number of recommendations to rectify this.
Second semester University: Lund University
European Union, integration, government, Netherlands, Germany