Otherness and human trafficking: the vulnerability of indigenous women to sexual exploitation

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Loozen, Nora
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Cases of indigenous women being trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation are reported all over the world. Although evidence within the existing literature suggests a link between ethnicity and susceptibility to human trafficking, there is a lack of research on this correlation. By presenting the different systems of oppression of indigenous women, this paper explores the impact of the representation of indigenous women as “others” on their actual vulnerability to trafficking. It addresses the specific root causes deriving from this concept, such as contemporary exoticism, cultural practices, and processes of dispossession. The methods of this research are qualitative, as information has been mainly by secondary data, such as books, published articles, and reports from non-governmental organisations. This research aims at rising awareness on this issue in order to achieve a better prevention of trafficking of indigenous women.
Second semester University: University of Seville.
indigenous peoples, sexual exploitation, trafficking in women