TV and human rights

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Burgos Calvino, Javier
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Mass media are companies with a huge social responsibility. Economical and political globalisation are using mass media for their own purposes. The viewers are inside of a dangerous spiral of non-information, where violence, sex, and irresponsible marketing are the main characters of the current TV, creating wrong patterns of reality and thus confusing the masses. These wrong patterns of reality allow the powerful countries to act freely and convince western society about their truth. Mass media in general and TV in particular are the medium through which the powerful countries like US are winning the modern battles. It is explained on the one hand how democracy is weakened by current television programs, and on the other hand how TV cannot be equal to speak about human rights violations around the world, and how TV goes against human rights issues. TV creates a new kind of Television-Being , that is much less prepared to understand and act in the democratic life and to be aware of human rights issues. Current influence of television marketing in society makes a passive, ignorant and quiet society and this is affecting to the democracy and human rights.
Second semester University: University Ca' Foscari, Venice.
corporate responsibility, human rights, mass media policy, Europe, media