Domestic violence from an interdisciplinary perspective: a case of Russia

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Glazebrook, Emily
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This thesis explores Domestic Violence from an interdisciplinary approach, from both a social and legal perspective, to provide a holistic analysis of Domestic Violence in its entirety, as well as for its case study: the Russian Federation. The thesis examines the importance of discourse as to how Domestic Violence is understood and the dominant narratives that this enlists, whilst also providing a legal focus on how Domestic Violence has been approached at both the International and European level, with particular attention awarded to the role of the European Court of Human Rights. In relation to the thesis’ case study, Russia, the various factors contributing to why Domestic Violence is such a pressing issue are discussed at depth, as well as Russia’s deeply problematic legal approach towards Domestic Violence. Finally, attention is awarded to how both Russian and International media have portrayed specific high profile Domestic Violence incidents within Russia.
Second semester University: University of Vilnius
domestic violence, Russian Federation, legal aspects, social aspects, European Court of Human Rights, human rights, international law, Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, media, Court of Justice of the European Union, Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence