Community intervention as a means to destigmatize child soldiers and permit reintegration: a comparison case study of Uganda and Iraq

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Runte, Julia
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The stigmatization of former child soldiers inhibits and prevents children’s reintegration by re-victimizing and re-traumatizing the child and also making the child an outcast in their community. Additionally, there is little research and few legal mechanisms in place to help prevent stigmatization. The following thesis shows that more research and assistance are needed in reintegration processes in order to prevent stigmatization. By working directly with the community, former child soldiers have a higher chance for a positive reintegration. The thesis will examine the legal instruments connected to child soldiers, compare two case studies, and show how one case study can be applied to the world at large in aiding the prevention of stigmatization. Key words: child soldiers, stigma, conflict, stigmatization, reintegration, re-victimizing, trauma, re-traumatizing
Second semester University: Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Global Campus awarded thesis 2017/2018
child soldiers, reintegration, Uganda, Iraq, armed conflict, victims