The feasibility of implementing the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the mega-sporting events

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Wang, Menglai
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Mega-Sporting Events are a hot topic in the field of business and human rights. They are closely linked with the negative covers of human rights violations, which has triggered many scholars' research on this topic. In the field of practice, the United Nations, the Institute for Human Rights and Business, and the Mega-Sporting Events platform have issued documents one after another. It is suggested that the human rights protection framework proposed in the document should be used to solve the human rights problems of Mega-Sporting Events with reference to the United Nations Guiding Principles for business and human rights. The two major international sports organizations in the world also agree with the important reference value of the guiding principles for sports events, and promise to reform the event bidding procedures and include human rights standards. However, although Mega-Sporting Events involve enterprises in the lifecycle of events, does Mega-Sporting Events has any particularity compared with the typical business and human rights issue? Will the particularity of Mega-Sporting Events has any impact on the application of the guiding principles? All of these remain to be further studied. This paper will combine the contents and defects of the Guiding Principles, as well as the characteristics of Mega-Sporting Events, to study whether the guiding principles have guiding significance for Mega-Sporting Events, and on this basis, put forward constructive suggestions.
Second semester University: Lund University
sports, business, human rights, corporate responsibility, United Nations