The situation of human rights in Saudi Arabia, stability or change?

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Mina, Adonis
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This study sought to explore the situation and possible alteration of the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia the last decade through the scope of objective international organisations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well to unveil the rational behind this situation. Findings showed different and very often contradictory meaning on the implementation of the law, on political strategies and social formations. The analysis demonstrated that the situation reflected prevailing social relations of power and relations of interest between government and citizens, or government and the international political status (agenda). It projects progressive but nevertheless conservative attitude towards the human rights situation. The findings from the analysis of the reports support the claims that the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia is one rooted in the tradition, religion and history of the kingdom and strongly related to the way the previous are perceived and implemented within the Saudi context.
Second semester University: University of Padua.
human rights, Saudi Arabia, Islam and politics