The 2016 reform on Islamic education textbooks in Morocco : the strategy used by the reform to implement a “more tolerant” Islam

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Boustany, Razane
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In 2016, a commission working under the supervision of the Moroccan Ministry of Education completed a revision of the textbooks and curricula for the teaching of Islam in public schools. This change was very controversial among the experts and teachers of Islamic education, which raised a lot of questions concerning the effectiveness and the significance of this reform. In fact, it was made upon the request of the King Mohammad VI, who wanted to promote a “more moderate” Islam. This study, which is based on a careful review of selected textbooks before and after the reform, seeks to underline first, the different issues pointed out in the public debate to better understand the direction taken by the reform. Second, it exposes a comparative study of six textbooks underlining exactly what the changes were to the curriculum, was it on the level of the structure or the content of the textbooks. Finally, it will put into relation the different elements found in the first two parts in order analyze the strategy used by the Ministry of Education, in the reform of 2016, to promote a “more moderate” Islam.
Second semester University: International University of Rabat.
Morocco, education, Islam, tolerance