Beyond occupation. A NGO perspective : apartheid, settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing in the OPT.

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Muston, Carlotta
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This report is the outcome of the period spent as an intern at the Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. Based on the activities undertaken throughout the internship, this report shows evidence of how the policies implemented by Israel in the OPTs urgently need to be internationally recognised as enforcement of Apartheid, Settler Colonialism and Ethnic Cleansing. The analysis provided will insist that the framework of Occupation is not enough to understand the reality of the OPTs. The focus on the cluster of policies implemented by Israel, shall describe the systematic institutionalisation of an oppressive regime aimed to seize the land, while pushing Palestinians in Ghettos and Bantustans. International Law provides notions that suite and can be applied to the case of the OPT. The failure by the International Community to recognise and embrace such framework undermines the strength of the International Community, favouring political reasons over Human Rights’ ones. If the International Community, will not take a stand against Israel’s conduct, Area C of the OPTs will soon be annexed by Israel, while confining Palestinians in Area A and B of the OPTs.
Second semester University: Birzeit University, Palestine
Internship report: Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
Palestine, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, colonialism