The person she was is dead : in memory of the 4 August 2020 Beirut blast victims

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Keyrouz, Yolla
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This thesis has aimed to reveal a hidden truth about political corruption and crimes that lead to the 4 August 2020 explosion that hit Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, and killed 218 victims. It is one of the biggest tragedies in the history of the country that shattered people's lives, wounded thousands, damaged a large part of the city, and drew scars inside peaceful hearts. Based mainly on eight live and online interviews conducted with female victims’ relatives, an analysis of women’s role was assessed to reveal their strength, resilience, incitement and rights to know the truth and apply justice for their dead loved ones by rebelling, protesting and filing local and international lawsuits, and lobbying with many countries to address the HRC, submit a statement and vote for a fact-finding mission, despite all the challenges and obstacles they are facing from a corrupt government, authorities, politicians and judicial system, infested by impunity and escape from any obligation toward an entire population. In the end, a brief study has elaborated in conclusion the factual political and judicial situation hoping that local and international investigations will achieve an outcome that could ease the souls of the victims and their relatives.
Second semester University: University of Padua
Lebanon, Beirut, victims, corruption, justice, women