The protection of whistleblowers in Europe : theory and practice from the perspective of international law

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Bang, Amalie
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The role played by whistleblowers in society is bigger and more influential than ever before. Whistleblowers represent a necessary means for society to receive information on matters of public interest. It is therefore crucial to provide adequate protection for persons who report on such matters. This thesis seeks to define the role and function of whistleblowers, and discusses the competing interests at stake in order to determine in which situations whistleblowers should enjoy protection. The approach to whistleblower protection taken by the Council of Europe and the European Union will then be described to show the state of the current climate for whistleblower protection in Europe. Finally, the protection level given by the Council of Europe and the European Union will be analysed to understand whether these standards live up to the interests of society for protecting whistleblowers
Second semester University: Utrecht University.
whistle blowing, Europe