The protection of the rights of refugee children in Armenia: the challenges of refugee children and their families

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Santrosyan, Anahit
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In recent years the issue of refugees has affected the international community. The existing wars force people to leave their homes and search for new places for their survival and safety. More than 100 thousand people have found themselves in the Republic of Armenia and face many problems and challenges, although the fact that majority of them are ethnic Armenians made it seem that adaptation would be easier. As they mostly come with their families, there are many children as well, and in contrast with the adults who more or less are capable of solving problems that they are facing, the refugee children are more vulnerable and helpless. The scope of the study is the level of the proper legal regulation and the execution of those norms in real life. We compared the correspondence of national legislation to the international one. We also argued that refugee children’s rights in different spheres (such as living conditions, education, medical care and etc.) are not properly protected and most of them have problems with integration in society and gave some recommendations that could change the current situation.
CES - Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus, Yerevan State University.
Global Campus - Caucasus
refugees, children rights, Armenia, child protection, unaccompained migrant children, law