The role of local governments in implementing a human rights-based approach to the linguistic integration of immigrants in Europe : a case-study analysis of Human Rights Cities

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Crabbé, Océane
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The diversification of societies as a result of migration flows has reached unprecedented proportions and generated its own share of challenges. In response to these challenges, European governments rely increasingly on civic integration policies, tying the obtention of rights and statuses to the completion of strict requirements that typify national citizenship, including linguistic competences. As an alternative to mandatory, time-intensive, and often inefficient language requirements, local levels of government can play a role in promoting the linguistic integration of immigrants while recognising diversity and fostering social cohesion. Drawing on the experience of three Human Rights Cities in Europe, this thesis suggests a set of best practices that can guide the work of local governments and strengthen their role as key human rights actors.
Second semester University: University of Graz
local government, Europe, integration, language, human rights, cities and towns, urban policy, citizenship