Juggling Pandoras box: migration as human development

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Baverstock, Philip
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This study seeks to demonstrate how migration can play an important role in the development of societies, and be part of a solution to alleviate poverty and to help reduce the inequalities that economic development has enhanced. The economic pressures of an increasingly globalized world, where resources, capital and goods have few borders, make it not only hard to defend the existence of borders in economic terms but even harder to defend immigration controls. Providing greater opportunities for people to move, can give them conditions to improve their lives and to be freed from the shackles of poverty that still hold half the world’s population hostage to undignified lives. In broadening our understanding of migration we can use it as an instrument to correct inequalities and fight against the human rights violations that must be seen as a problem of everyone, a global problem, stemming from the unequal system we have created, from the flawed development we are supporting and from the freedoms we choose not to give.
Second semester University: University of Deusto, Bilbao
development, economic development, emigration, emigration and immigration law, immigration