Democracy and human rights developments in Southeast Europe during 2018

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Berberi, Odeta
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This article provides an overview of the developments in democracy and human rights during 2018 in the countries of Southeast Europe, focusing on nine countries. Different reports have revealed that the Southeastern European region is experiencing a regression as far as democracy and human rights are concerned. According to Freedom House, democracy is in retreat in many parts of the world, including in Europe. In this article the author highlights the main developments around democracy in three European Union (EU) member states: Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. These countries continue to be listed as the worst performers in the EU in respect of adherence to the rule of law and widespread corruption. Six countries from the Western Balkans region – Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are candidate countries, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo – are analysed in respect of the latest developments relating to democracy and human rights. Since the regional dimension is very important for the Western Balkans, a part is dedicated to bilateral relations in the framework of EU integration. Key words: European Union; Southeast Europe; democracy; human rights; enlargement
European Union, South Eastern Europe, democracy, human rights, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia
O Berberi ‘Democracy and human rights developments in Southeast Europe during 2018’ (2019) 3 Global Campus Human Rights Journal 393-406