Words kill : the failure of the Mexican state to counter gender-based violence through online hate speech targeting women and girls

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Frankenberger Martorell, Monika
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Around 10 women are killed in Mexico, every day. Violence against women and girls in the country prevalence in all its manifestations. This thesis has approached one specific and invisible type of violence suffered by Mexican females: Online gender-based hate speech. The research aims at investigating how and to what extent the Mexican state is countering gender-based violence through online hate speech targeting women and girls. To clarify the importance of addressing online gender-based hate speech, the paper introduces the Mexican context of violence against women and girls. Following by the definition of cyber-hate against women and girls, with its particularities. After providing an overview on the relevant legal framework, including soft law, the research concludes, that is not just the normative framework, where Mexican authorities are failing to secure women and girls on the cyber-world, it is the entire system. It then presents the principal obstacles the Mexican state faces to guarantee and protect women and girls’ human rights on the internet. Through the analysis of certain obstacles, it becomes clear, that the possible solution to gender-based online hate speech, does not involve just one actor or a single measure. Eventually the research argues the importance of a joint response with multiple stakeholders, such as states, non-governmental organizations, internet intermediaries, civil society, among others.
Second semester University: KU Leuven
Mexico, violence against women, hate speech, internet