Virtually overlooked: reimagining emerging technologies through the lenses of identity, ethics and human rights

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Weizman, Aviva
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The means by which algorithms interact with society have become omnipresent in the modern age. While new technologies and algorithms have long been a hot topic for science fiction authors, the manners in which they actually affect the lived experience of many individuals tend to be more banal and obscure. However, by and large, algorithms have the potential to affect minority groups in different and much more dangerous ways than those who do not belong to such groups. This work will take a nuanced consideration into ways in which algorithms can adversely affect those who are constantly and consistently overlooked. This discussion will be framed around the issue of ‘bias’, technological ‘progress’, and the knowledge claims that have been an evergrowing point of interest and contention, through the incorporation of philosophical and human rights-based frameworks.
Second semester University: University of Ljubljana
technological innovations, ethics, human rights, minority groups