Moroccans in Belgium and the Netherlands: a cross-national comparative analysis of integration policies

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Ayad, Sarah
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The following thesis analyses the policies that were developed in Belgium and the Netherlands within the past four decades in order to integrate the Moroccan immigrants living within their territories. To achieve this goal, the history and evolution of the integration policies in both countries are examined and compared, and the negative and positive effects of the different practices by both governments are highlighted. The thesis also sheds the light on the aspects that need to be taken into consideration in the future, based on past integration experiences in both countries, in order to have more successful results with Moroccan- as well as other- immigrants; whether old comers or newcomers. With the growing need in Europe for immigrants to face its demographic problems, the European Union’s role is increasing when it comes to immigration and integration policies of the Member States. West European countries should learn from each others’ experience concerning the integration of immigrants, especially because their experiences have many common aspects. Nevertheless when adopting an integration policy, there is a need to adapt it to the specifity of the country in question in order toachieve the full participation of the immigrants, sustainable economic growth, and consequently social cohesion.
Second semester University: Université Libre de Bruxelles.
emigration, Marocco, integration, Belgium, Netherlands, migrants, minority rights