In favor of an emancipatory education. There is no neutrality

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Fadda Hartt Pereira, Fernanda
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By presenting an illustrative debate of the dynamics and oppositional forces that take place in the process of integration of historically and culturally marginalized groups into the mainstream society, the thesis addresses the question of how schools should deal with stereotypes, prejudices and stigmas. This question is intrinsically related with the role of education, as a vehicle that conveys the values that sustain society. In this context, we defend that an emancipatory education is an important tool in the process of integration of inferiorized and marginalized groups, critically assessing prejudices, stereotypes and stigmas. In this way, a set of naturalized discourses should be scrutinized. The aim is to build a common history in which all groups are represented without hierarchization.
Second semester University: University College Dublin - National University of Ireland, Dublin
education, integration, minority groups, pluralism, Brazil, gender, religion, politics, neutrality