Who killed Mario Andrés? : Aggressions against human rights defenders in Colombia: is the protection framework working?

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Lanteró Senan, Diego
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To what extent is Colombia’s protection programme effective in protecting human rights defenders in the post-demobilisation scenario? This is the main question that guides the content of the thesis are focused on the extent and nature of human rights violations defenders face in Colombia. What is happening? Who is being killed? Who are killing them? Why are they being them? Chapter 2 will try to shed a light on these questions, and to explore the driving forces behind the widespread threats and aggressions against defenders. A second group of questions deals with the protection mechanisms in place. How are defenders being protected? Who protects them? How could the protection’s institutional framework be improved? Through these questions, Itry to offer an account of shortcomings and challenges the National Protection Unit should face in the years to come.
Second semester University: University of Zagreb
human rights defenders, Colombia, protection